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Anchoring Innovation


In a world surging with transformative potential, startups are the vibrant heartbeat, the dynamo driving revolutionary ideas and pioneering technologies. Much like in electrical systems where grounding connects energy to the earth, stabilizing and directing its flow, these trailblazing startups too require a grounding force to anchor their fiery passion and navigate the intricacies of reality.Ground Capital emerged from this very analogy, inspired by the principle of channeling raw, unbridled energy into a structured and purposeful force. We are more than just a venture capital firm. We are a rich collective of builders, founders, venture partners, and industry experts. Together, we form a robust foundation, united by an unwavering belief in the profound power of technology and innovation to sculpt an optimistic future.As we stand on the verge of a technological era, the present moment waves with a promise of unparalleled possibilities. In this transformative age, Ground Capital is not just an investor but a guiding beacon, bridging audacious innovators with the rapid tides of technological evolution.With eyes set on the horizon, Ground Capital remains the steadfast anchor amidst shifting sands, dedicated to empowering the visionaries of today to rise as the legends of tomorrow.

How we invest


Growth Potential:
So, you show up with a great team, then what? We want to understand the problem you are solving. What is the Growth Potential of the problem? What is the Global Addressable Market (GAM)? Understanding the problem will help us gauge the size of the opportunity. We are focused on ideas that target global billion $ markets
If you can show some proof of Grit, be it early adopter feedback, initial paying customers, or the amount of MRR milestone, it will help us better see a path to the billion $ addressable market.
What makes your idea unique? Do you have a Groundbreaking edge? Do you have something others might call "game-changing"? Do you have something that can scale and protect you from others trying to copy you, especially if the market is crowded?
Good Timing:
Everything in life comes down to Good Timing. Why now? Too often, we see the vision of founders collide with the realities of the market, often because their timing is wrong.
Great Returns:
We just said the timing is everything, but we are also a VC, and we are focused on Great Returns. Hence, we need to believe that we can make a Great Return on our investment in your company. This means we need to see your team potential to grow exponentially and disrupt the market.
Are you a game changer? Send us an email to startup@ground.capital



What we look for:
Innovation that creates meaningful impact for our planet
Technologies we like:
Novel AI
Data Economy
Future of Computing
Space technology
Advanced Materials
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